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Out of the box, Business Central comes with pre-defined Permission Sets that are normally sufficient in the beginning for start-ups and smaller businesses. However, as your business grows these Permissions usually need to be redefined and reassigned to employees. The documentation listed on Microsoft’s website does a good job of giving you the basics of how to do this but it does not account for Tables that are sometimes added or removed during an online update.

Here’s how to check if the Permissions have had associated Tables added or removed during a Business Central online update:

Working remotely with Microsoft Teams
Working remotely with Microsoft Teams

Are you or your colleagues dreaming of working remotely from anywhere in the world but are worried you’ll be kept out of the loop? Have no fear, Microsoft Teams is still here.

Teams offers 3 different accessibility options so that you’ll never miss a chat, meeting, or a shared file again. Whether on the beach, in the backseat of limo, or on an express train, if you have internet connection you have work capability.

Read the rest of the article and learn more about why it’s important to have multiple accessibility options with a software such as Teams and what these accessibility options are here:

Or, just learn about the accessibility options in the below video.

Surprisingly more often than assumed we come across organizations that are using improper functionality to handle their Assembly or Manufacturing processes. Could your organization be one of these?

Read this article to find out:

Assembly and Manufacturing in Business Central
Assembly and Manufacturing in Business Central

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Since you’ve begun reading this guide there has already been 1 hacker attack. In just a few short minutes there will be 5 more.

Don’t believe it?

A Clark School study at the University of Maryland is one of the few that can measure and quantify the rate of attacks and the results are shocking — a hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds which affects 1 in 3 Americans every year.

The question you have to now ask yourself is, “Is my business protected and am I protected?”

Read the rest of the guide here and learn cyber security facts, terminology, and what 4 preventable measures all SMBs should be doing.

In today’s episode we’re chatting with IT Specialist Keith Stefanski about all things cyber crime and cyber security, updating you on the latest Business Central news, and discussing Kumavision’s Sales Order Status app.

View the show notes here:

On today’s episode we’re chatting with Bridget Courneya and Aaron Back from Dynamic Communities about the evolution of Dynamic Communities. If you’re a Microsoft customer, frequent visitor or user of the platform you don’t want to miss this chat!

In this month’s episode we’ve curated the latest Business Central news just for you, we’re interviewing NAV power user Staci Lingenfelter who is an Associate Partner and Director of ERP Systems at Go2 Partners, we’re dissecting Job WIP within Business Central, and chatting about some unique Business Central apps that are set to be released on Microsoft AppSource while drinking a very unique cold beer.

If you are new to Business Central you might be confused as to what exactly Dimensions are and how they are used. Most likely they were not found in your past ERP software (unless it was from Microsoft) and all of the information you can read about Dimensions online reads like medical jargon.

So, if you want to know more about Dimensions in Business Central in a simplified way we suggest reading this blog post:

Characteristics of Successful Leaders
Characteristics of Successful Leaders

Does a post pandemic leader look the same as a pre pandemic leader? Do they share the same characteristics? Some could argue no while others could argue yes. Most of these arguments really come back to what you define as a successful leader. Most assume that because an individual is head of a very profitable company that they are a successful leader, but what if this leader is not respected or liked? Is he or she still a successful leader? Here’s three characteristics we believe all successful post pandemic leaders embody:

Read the full article here.

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