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Let’s proclaim the Accountant’s decree by speaketh the following: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 10 Commandments of Financial Setups

1. Thou Shalt always use Totaling accounts when setting up the Chart of Accounts.

  • This simplifies financial reporting, inquiries, online analysis, and other benefits.

2. Thou Shalt never incorporate departmental or other sub-segments within the Chart of Accounts. Use Dimensions.

  • For example, there should only be 1 “Telephone Expense” account…
Working remotely with Microsoft Teams

Are you or your colleagues dreaming of working remotely from anywhere in the world but are worried you’ll be kept out of the loop? Have no fear, Microsoft Teams is still here.

Teams offers 3 different accessibility options so that you’ll never miss a chat, meeting, or a shared file again. Whether on the beach, in the backseat of limo, or on an express train, if you have internet connection you have work capability.

Read the rest of the article and learn more about why it’s important to have multiple accessibility options with a software such as Teams and what these accessibility options are here:

Or, just learn about the accessibility options in the below video.

Cyber Security

Since you’ve begun reading this guide there has already been 1 hacker attack. In just a few short minutes there will be 5 more.

Don’t believe it?

A Clark School study at the University of Maryland is one of the few that can measure and quantify the rate of attacks and the results are shocking — a hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds which affects 1 in 3 Americans every year.

The question you have to now ask yourself is, “Is my business protected and am I protected?”

Read the rest of the guide here and learn cyber security facts, terminology, and what 4 preventable measures all SMBs should be doing.

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